Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well ... Whadda Ya Know???

Well, I see a few people have been posting comments over on Wordpress. I changed the template and think it looks so much better. Check It Out!

I really don't want to move from blogger. Blogger has been so good to me. But I'm not averse to change and I like the new look I get on Wordpress. So, guess what? I want to hear the thoughts of the people. Get the input of the masses.

Should CoolDestiny switch to WordPress

Hell Yeah!
Sure, if it floats your boat
Doesn't matter - I'll still read your blog. You're Awesome!
Hell No - Wordpress sucks!

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Omni said...

There's no harm in blogging in both places-it'd increase your traffic. If you do switch over, be sure and leave the Blogger blog intact, because lots of traffic will still come from there.

Gela's Words said...

I don't care - just keep writing. All I care about is that you let us know where to go.

Island Insanity said...

Love the layout...but its really your views/comments/thoughts that make the site. Let us know if you do a permanent switch.

On another note ...had a little travel horror story myself, so I can relate. WOn't go into it now ...but will say do not fly SPIRIT